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Mosaic Community Services

Mosaic is a well known Psychology and counselling practice serving Toowoomba, the Lockyer Valley, the Darling Downs and beyond.

Our team of psychologists and counsellors provide quality professional counselling and psychotherapy from a holistic perspective. Referrals come from medical practitioners, allied health professionals, clergy, pastors, previous clients and word of mouth.

Mosaic Community Services also provides seminars, workshops and training in personal and professional development for couples, families, churches, community agencies, educational institutions, government departments, and corporations.

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Financial Gift An easy way to support Mosaic in the provision of mental health care for rural and remote communities is by simply making a tax deductible donation. Volunteer From Gardening, cleaning, peer support to professionally qualified counsellors and psychologists, email

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Latest News

Mosaic Community Services is a tax deductible entity

We are excited to share that Mosaic Community Services is a tax deductible entity.

Mosaic Community Services is a community initiated, supported and focused organisation.

Mosaic Community Services has emerged from the community seeking to care and support those amongst us who are disadvantaged and struggling. To this end the approval of MCS as a tax deductible organisation means that when you give financially to support MCS you are not only assured of helping those who need it most in your local community but you receive the benefit of a tax deduction.